[asterisk-users] looking for a way to do appointment reminders

Brandon Coale brandoncoale at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 25 20:55:28 CDT 2013


My health care organization is looking for a way to do appointment 
reminders.  We currently have staff members who spend part of each day 
manually calling patients to remind them of their upcoming appointments, 
and we would like to automate this process.

Our electronic health record software would provide such information as 
the patient's name, phone number, and day and time of the appointment, 
and Asterisk could take this information and place an automated call to 
the patient.  We would like the reminder call to use text-to-speech to 
personalize the call, such as "We have an appointment reminder for 
[first name].  The appointment is on [date] at [time].

I am wondering if anyone has experience with using Asterisk for this 
type of application, and would be willing to share any details of how 
you implemented it?  I am interested in any ideas, from very simple to 
feature-rich.  We would be doing a new installation of Asterisk for this 
purpose, so we could use any version of Asterisk you would recommend.

Thank you!

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