[asterisk-users] Users appending # sign when dialing an extension from automated greeting

Vernon Polinkichov vpolinkichov at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 18:24:26 CDT 2013

We have an automated greeting on our Asterisk phone system, that like many,
has the phrase "if you know your party's extension, you may dial it at any

Today, I encountered a user dialing in from the outside, attempting to dial
an extension, but he was appending the # key at the end.

This, as I would have expected, made Asterisk think he was trying to call
the extension 2134#, which went nowhere.

Personally, unless instructed to do so, typically with the phrase "followed
by the pound sign", I don't enter a pound sign when dialing a user
extension or inputting digits on phone system menus.

Is stripping the # sign off of extensions dialed from an automated greeting
something most phone systems do?


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