[asterisk-users] External call control for Asterisk

Simon Green simon.c.green at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 22:53:15 CDT 2013

> On Wed, 10 Apr 2013, Simon Green wrote:
>  Hi there, I’m new to Asterisk and there’s a ton of documentation. I’m not
>> really sure where to start. What I want to do is this: a PBX service ala
>> FreePBX, but where call control is passed via SIP to an external service
>> which will tell Asterisk:
>> a)      * Whether the call is allowed
>> b)      * Where to connect the call, if necessary (i.e. forced
>> redirection to a C-party)
>> c)       * To disconnect the call at some time in future based on
>> charging considerations (i.e. online charging)
> It depends...
> You could probably do all of this just using dialplan logic and Asterisk's
> internal database.
> If you are looking to build a system that will scale, you'll want to store
> your call processing parameters in a database like MySQL and access the
> parameters using an AGI (an external program written in any language you
> are comfortable with) and then write a dialplan to follow your business
> logic.
> While the dialplan language does include methods to access databases, I
> find it cumbersome, limited, and ugly. I like to keep all the nasty details
> in a little black box and keep my dialplan clean and maintainable.
It actually looks a little like I might be better off front-ending with
OpenSIPS, which can do AAA via Diameter, and then passing the call, once
allowed, to Asterisk.

I'm certainly keen to put extension provisioning information into MySQL,
but I need the realtime accounting aspect as much as the authorisation

Ideally I'm after Asterisk to be, effectively, a smart media gateway. I
want it to handle basic registration of user clients, but for realtime call
authorisation and sometimes routing to be handled off-board. Effectively, a
prepaid calling service with Asterisk handling the calling and the other
system handling the prepaid.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?
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