[asterisk-users] Rate sheet "normalization"

Raj Mathur ( राज माथुर ) raju at linux-delhi.org
Wed Mar 28 13:58:00 CDT 2012

On Wednesday 28 Mar 2012, C. Savinovich wrote:
> >>>>Umm, like the amount you paid for your copy of Asterisk and the
> >>>>Linux server it runs on? 
> First, you are missing the point.
> Second, you guys take away jobs from American developers.  If there
> was a president in the USA who would make it illegal for companies
> to hire overseas developers, we would have hundreds of thousands of
> people employed here, and don't say that products will be more
> expensive, they wouldn't.  Microsoft and Google have way too much
> money in the bank, which they could share if they didn't hire
> overseas programmers

A medieval monk trained in copying books by hand sits in his cell 
cursing Gutenberg for inventing the printing press and depriving him of 
his livelihood.

Not satisfied with that, he also curses the (Arabs|Nigerians|Indians|
Chinese|your choice of whipping boy) for typesetting cheaper than he can 
and taking business away from him.

Would be funny if it weren't so sad.  My sympathies.

-- Raj
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