[asterisk-users] 8-span TE820 card and interrupts

Andrew Latham lathama at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 07:54:05 CDT 2012

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 8:45 AM, Tony Mountifield <tony at softins.co.uk> wrote:
> Over the years I have experienced a few interrupt issues when using some
> of the Digium E1/T1 cards with Zaptel drivers, and usually resolved them
> by disabling USB devices in the motherboard BIOS settings.
> Now more and more systems are coming without PS/2 connections, so USB is
> needed for the keyboard or KVM.
> I never knew whether these conflict issues were down to the design of the
> card, the motherboard, the Zaptel drivers or the kernel.
> I need soon to build an 8-span E1 system using the Digium TE820 PCIe card,
> and want to know whether I am likely to have to solve similar issues, or
> if they are now history with newer kernels and DAHDI instead of Zaptel.
> I would be interested in any comments from anyone with experience in this
> area. Also, can anyone easily tell me in which version of DAHDI support
> for the TE820 was introduced? (If not, I'm happy to go and search SVN)
> Finally, does anyone have a feel for how much CPU power would be required
> to run Meetme with DAHDI mixing if all 240 channels were active in various
> conferences? (Yes, I know about ConfBridge, but my application currently
> needs to use MeetMe).
> Cheers
> Tony
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By design PCIe has dedicated channels for each port and interrupts are
not an issue. There are some vendors that are moving all legacy
devices to a USB based controllers in addition.  PCIe is not like PCI.
 PCIe is serial in nature, not parallel.

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