[asterisk-users] 8-span TE820 card and interrupts

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.co.uk
Wed Mar 21 07:45:37 CDT 2012

Over the years I have experienced a few interrupt issues when using some
of the Digium E1/T1 cards with Zaptel drivers, and usually resolved them
by disabling USB devices in the motherboard BIOS settings.

Now more and more systems are coming without PS/2 connections, so USB is
needed for the keyboard or KVM.

I never knew whether these conflict issues were down to the design of the
card, the motherboard, the Zaptel drivers or the kernel.

I need soon to build an 8-span E1 system using the Digium TE820 PCIe card,
and want to know whether I am likely to have to solve similar issues, or
if they are now history with newer kernels and DAHDI instead of Zaptel.

I would be interested in any comments from anyone with experience in this
area. Also, can anyone easily tell me in which version of DAHDI support
for the TE820 was introduced? (If not, I'm happy to go and search SVN)

Finally, does anyone have a feel for how much CPU power would be required
to run Meetme with DAHDI mixing if all 240 channels were active in various
conferences? (Yes, I know about ConfBridge, but my application currently
needs to use MeetMe).

Tony Mountifield
Work: tony at softins.co.uk - http://www.softins.co.uk
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