[asterisk-users] fallback to default extension

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
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Extension "i" only works for IVRs and other things like Background and WaitExten, it does not work to match incoming calls to an invalid extension.

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You can use exten ->  i  This will catch any invalid extensions that are sent into a context. You could than route the flow as you see fit. 




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I was asked by our development departement to setup asterisk in a manner that if someone calls an extension in the department that was was only configured, but a handset was never attached to it to fall back to a default extension. For example: Someone calls extension 2408, but there's no phone attached to 2408 it should fall back and ring at 2400..

How do I setup asterisk to find out if there's a phone attached to an internal number if not ring another extension?


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