[asterisk-users] Multi-record SRV records

Guy Gold guy at the-golds.us
Mon Mar 12 08:45:11 CDT 2012

On Mon,Mar 12 01:33:PM, Asgaroth wrote:

> Are you saying that the above scenario is working for you for
> incoming calls?


That will depend on my SIP providers, I'm not sure if they swap their
IP's indeed,and send calls down my way with alternating IP's,
perhaps they're "smart" enough to only
send calls down my way with the same IP that was bound with the 
registration request to begin with. (This is a shot in the dark, I might
be saying nonsense).
One of my providers, while troubleshooting an issue for inbound calls,
offered me to use an IP rather then SRV to register -
because "Asterisk is bad with using SRV's" , but the issues turned out
to be diffrent.
I'm sorry I cannot shed much light on this one without monitoring my
PBX's peers at this moment.

Guy Gold

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