[asterisk-users] [Slightly OT] Audiocodes Mediant Failover Routing with Asterisk

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Wed Mar 7 16:51:34 CST 2012


First off, my apologies for the slightly OT nature of this post. It does involve Asterisk to a degree, but errs a bit on the side of Audiocodes inquiry. I accept all responsibility for my actions and the consequences. :)

The scenario is this: I have an Asterisk box connected to a Mediant 2000 (M2K) via T1. Calls made via DAHDI->T1->M2K are then routed by the M2K via SIP using the Audiocodes Tel-to-IP routing tables to a remote IP. This has worked quite well for some time.

I now want to add multiple IP's to the routing table for failover. However, when adding additional entries to the Tel-to-IP routing table, and the first entry fails, the other IPs are not attempted. The first IP is attempted, and if it fails, the call fails instead of trying any of the additional IPs in the Tel-to-IP routing table.

Any thoughts?


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