[asterisk-users] Digium FXS specifications and limits Question

Nunya Biznatch asterisk at ihearbanjos.com
Thu Mar 1 18:35:34 CST 2012

Howdy All,

I'm considering Asterisk / Digium as a replacement to my existing phone 
switch. I need to continue to be able to push analog lines between 
multiple buildings in a campus environment.

The Digium Analog 410 Card manual states it's not recommended to go 
beyond 1500 feet distance for an FXS card, and no line should leave the 
building or be bundled. The 2400 Series Manual does not have this same 
notice. Should it?

My potential application will be pushing all of 1500 feet and maybe a 
teeny bit more. Analog lines will be bundled into PE-89 type 
direct-burial rated cable in capacities ranging from 100-pair to 
500-pair. All cable pairs are 24AWG. All cable is privately owned by the 
organization. All cable is professionally terminated on each end to 
grounded building entrance protection with lightning blocks / surge 
protection. This infrastructure has been in place and working on an 
existing "old school" digital switch with port cards that don't have 
lightning or surge suppression built in, just like the Digium cards.

Has anyone run a similar configuration and can speak for or against such 
an idear?

Thanks for the help and input,


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