[asterisk-users] Digium FXS specifications and limits Question

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Fri Mar 2 09:01:00 CST 2012

On 03/01/2012 06:35 PM, Nunya Biznatch wrote:
> Howdy All,
> I'm considering Asterisk / Digium as a replacement to my existing phone
> switch. I need to continue to be able to push analog lines between
> multiple buildings in a campus environment.
> The Digium Analog 410 Card manual states it's not recommended to go
> beyond 1500 feet distance for an FXS card, and no line should leave the
> building or be bundled. The 2400 Series Manual does not have this same
> notice. Should it?

Yes. All of Digium's FXS modules are designed for short-haul, inside 
wiring applications.

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