[asterisk-users] Open source speech recognition engine?

Carl-Fredrik Enell fredrik at kyla.kiruna.se
Sat Apr 21 08:41:49 CDT 2012

Dear all,

I am looking for an open source speech recognition engine for a hobby

There used to be a Sphinx interface for the generic speech API
(http://scribblej.com/svn/) but it does not compile on Asterisk
versions later than 1.6.x

Could anybody direct me on how to update this code, or should I simply
change to the AGI script approach?

Best regards,
Carl-Fredrik Enell

Tähteläntie 70B
FIN-99600 Sodankylä, Finland
URL:	  http://www.is.kiruna.se/~fredrik
Work URL: http://www.sgo.fi/~fredrik

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