[asterisk-users] Why does Digium not respect their own development guidelines?

Tilghman Lesher tlesher at digium.com
Sat Aug 28 20:36:33 CDT 2010

On Saturday 28 August 2010 20:27:23 Andrew Joakimsen trolled:
> As recent as 2008 "Asterisk 1.4 is feature frozen" if that is the case
> how come now CallingToken support is added? I don't really know what
> this is but all I know is:
> 1) Callingtoken adds new options to the config files
> 2) Callingtoken is some new protocol in IAX?
> 3) Upgrading asterisk 1.4 breaks previous IAX connections.
> So why was this added? I have 1 machine that is set not to log these
> messages on the console and am pulling my hair out after upgrading
> Asterisk 1.4 to a new release. It is not anything I would look into
> normally since "Asterisk 1.4 is feature frozen"  so why would I look
> to troubleshoot a feature that isn't supposed to be there?


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