[asterisk-users] AEL - what is error: ael.flex:647 ael_yylex:Unhandled char(s):

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ael_yylex:Unhandled char(s):


>Hi List,


>When doing 'ael reload' on two servers, which are setup with asterisk
1.4.22 and 1.4.35 respectively, I am getting multiple lines of this strange


>ERROR[15483]: ael.flex:647 ael_yylex: Unhandled char(s):


>On three other servers with same versions of asterisk, i.e. 1.4.22, I don't
see this error.


>Number of lines of the error are the same as the number of lines of the
code. But the AEL code works fine otherwise.


>Any idea what is the reason of this error? I couldn't find any useful info
on google regarding this error.

>Zeeshan A Zakaria


According to this



1.4.X doesn't have all of the 8-bit handling it should have (something in
your ael script is freaking out UTF-8)

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