[asterisk-users] asterisk + cisco 3825 with ISDN

Ron nhadie at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 22:16:07 CDT 2010

oh so sorry about this. i just thought maybe someone had experienced the 
same. sorry again.


On 8/24/10 10:28 PM, David Backeberg wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 9:05 AM, Ron<nhadie at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> hi all,
>> i recently subscribe for an isdn and terminate it on a 3825 router.
>> i used it as a sip trunk for my asterisk. i'm a newbie when it comes to
>> ISDN. and i've been experiencing some issues:
>> 1. Call Hangup:
>> When hangup is initiated from the outside the extension (softphone/ip
>> phone) does not hangup, is this normal? shouldn't asterisk hangup the
>> extension as well when it receives the hangup properly from ISDN? or
>> maybe it's because asterisk does not detect the proper hangup?
> I don't understand your inside versus outside description. But the main point:
> * you have ISDN on a 3825, and you have voip.
> * somewhere the SIP hangup doesn't initiate an ISDN hangup.
> This may be (is probably) due to you having your ISDN settings
> incorrect for the line setup. There are about a dozen combinations of
> settings for the way your ISDN line could be setup.
> Is this a T1 PRI?
> Are you taking timing from the telco?
> Do you have your D-channel set correctly?
> Do you have your DSP settings correct for your chosen voip codec?
> You need an IOS manual to make sure all that is set correctly. You
> can't download one from Cisco unless you pay for support and get a
> service contract. Once you get that right, you'll also see the
> settings in the Cisco manual for pushing caller ID correctly. I think
> all of your problems are on the Cisco side, and zero are on the
> asterisk side.
> Or you could scrap the 3825 and get a Digium PRI card and use DAHDI.
> Then it would be an asterisk question :)

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