[asterisk-users] Include and Realtime

Zeeshan Zakaria zishanov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 10:05:12 CDT 2010

Sorry about that. You had the complete right for a new post. But there are
some others who simply keep littering this mailing list with re-postings, as
if forcing others to spit out answers for them.

Zeeshan A Zakaria


On 2010-08-24 10:58 AM, "Dan Journo" <dan at keshercommunications.com> wrote:

 > I think you asked this question earlier and there were good responses to
it. There is nothing more...

I think if you read my question properly, you'd see that I have one existing
context (CLIENT1_PHONES) and I want to INCLUDE a number of other contexts
into the CLIENT1_PHONES context.

In the question that you are referring to, I was asking how I can create a
totally new context in realtime. Nothing to do with the INCLUDE command.

Thanks for trying to police this mailing list. Keep up the good work.
Changing the world for the better, one post at a time.

By the way, if you think someone is posting the same question again, maybe
you should stop and re-read it before replying.

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