[asterisk-users] Removing `chan_dahdi.conf`

Randall Degges rdegges at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 01:46:49 CDT 2010

Hi guys,

I'm currently playing around with optimizing an Asterisk install (trying to
remove as many possible configuration files as possible) for testing and
debugging purposes.

I've been able to remove most of the files and maintain an error-less
Asterisk full file, with a single exception: I can't seem to remove
`chan_dahdi.conf` without having Asterisk complain in the full logs:

ERROR[1182] chan_dahdi.c: Unable to load config chan_dahdi.conf

I'm only using DAHDI for dahdi_dummy timing, and nothing else. If I have an
empty `chan_dahdi.conf` file, then Asterisk won't complain at all, but if I
remove the empty file, Asterisk spits out the above error message.

So my questions are:

1. By removing `chan_dahdi.conf`, am I breaking any functionality that would
cause dahdi_dummy to not provide timing (or some other critical feature) in
my Asterisk environment?

2. Is there someway to let Asterisk know that I *only* need DAHDI for the
dahdi_dummy driver, and that the configuration file is unnecessary? (This
way I don't get errors in my logs.)

The point of me pursuing this is because it *seems* as if I can currently
`get by` without having the `chan_dahdi.conf` file at all, even with the
error message I'm getting in the logs. I just worry that there may be
another consequence for not having this file that I will experience at some
point, and since I haven't found one yet, I wanted to check with the experts
to get a definitive answer.

I'm currently using Asterisk

I plan to go through the source code for the module loader to see what I can
find, but I figured I'd pop this email off anyhow to see what you all have
to say.

Thanks for your time.

Randall Degges
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