[asterisk-users] IXJ Quicknet PhoneJack issues

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Fri Aug 13 15:13:53 CDT 2010


We have been running a CVS HEAD version of asterisk from Mar 10, 2005
on ix86 (PIII-600) Linux 2.4.27 with ixj (chan_phone) hardware.  In a
hope of getting better 'chan_skinny' support (to attempt using a Cisco
7920 IP phone) I built asterisk 1.2.40 on this box. Initial tests
verify that our previous dialplan is working (iax2 trunks, register
sip phones, registering withour SER box, etc. all work but there is no
dialtone on the ixj fxs port.

Here is what I tried:

(in each case asterisk invoked with '-vvv -C name_of_config_file)

1. temporary fresh install of 1.2.40 using sample configs; in dialplan
   (uncommented extension ext. 1265); in 'phone.conf' uncommented
   the following:

    device => /dev/phone0

    -- dialplan works, ext. 1265 rings, has two-way audio, call progress
    tones heard, sends dtmf, can dial out, but has no dialtone.

2. temporary 'update' (bininstall) install of 1.2.40 overlaying existing
   CVS HEAD installation:

   -- existing dialplan works, Phone/phone0 works as in (1) above except
   for no dialtone.

3. temporary 'udpate' (bininstall) install of 1.2.40 as in (2) above but
   without new 1.2.40 version of chan_phone.so (instead using our old
   version of chan_phone.so):

   -- existing dialplan works, Phone/phone0 works except for no dialtone.

4. test of new chan_phone.so from 1.2.40 replacing the one in our existing
   working installation:

   -- asterisk fails to start:
    Aug 13 14:21:05 WARNING[2625]:
/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/chan_phone.so: undefined
    symbol: ast_register_file_version

In all of the above cases where asterisk starts and runs, there are no
error messages involving 'chan_phone', nor any error messages at all
during placement of calls or answering of calls on Phone/phone0.

It seems reasonable to suggest that changes in chan_phone.c are _not_
responsible for the lack of dialtone.


1. can someone confirm what releases are known to work with chan_phone.so
   (in dialtone mode)?

2. can someone confirm if there is a release that works with chan_phone.so
   in dialtone mode that also has a working skinny implementation that
   will work with the Cisco 7920 IP phone?

3. in the absence of any known working configurations, would anyone be
   willing to kibitz about backporting more recent skinny support into our
   CVS HEAD working version of asterisk?



N.B.  The list archives have a few unanswered posts from other users with
no dialtone on ixj hardware over the years; I understand that it is
probably of little interest to Digium to support this hardware, but 1.2
was advertised to do so.

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