[asterisk-users] callerid between 2 asterisk servers

jwexler at mail.usa.com jwexler at mail.usa.com
Wed Aug 4 06:28:37 CDT 2010

I've got 2 asterisk servers on the same box: ubuntu 10.04 lucid. I have not
been able to send useful callerid info between them (callerid becomes

serverA register statement: (serverB has the exact opposite statement)
register => serverA:serverApassword at IP_of_serverB_nic/serverB

users.conf of serverA:			users.conf of serverB:

[serverB] 				[serverA]
type=friend				type=friend
fromuser=serverB			fromuser=serverA
secret=serverBpassword			secret=serverApassword
host=dynamic				host=dynamic
etc.					etc.

[serverA]				[serverB]
type=user				type=user
secret=serverApassword			secret=serverBpassword
context=serverA_incoming		context=serverB_incoming
host=dynamic				host=dynamic
etc.					etc.

serverA extensions.conf:
exten => _8X.,n,Dial(SIP/serverB/${EXTEN},20,r)

With this set up, when I dial from an extension such as 6000 on serverA to
an extension such as 8000 on serverB, instead of sending the callerid info
of 6000 it sends "serverB". I cannot seem to find a way around this.
Anyone know of a way to send the 6000 callerid info? Somehow via sending a
user-defined field via the dial statement?
If not via the dial, then a way to transfer via writing to the file system?
Is there a way to use, in extensions.conf, some kind of info transferred
between serverA and serverB such as the tag id so that I can specify a
filename for them to write/read? I cannot seam to find something that each
server sees which I can dynamically read in and use in extensions.conf.


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