[asterisk-users] callerid between 2 asterisk servers

unserossi at aol.com unserossi at aol.com
Wed Aug 4 06:52:44 CDT 2010

I've got 2 asterisk servers on the same box: ubuntu 10.04 lucid. I have not
een able to send useful callerid info between them (callerid becomes
serverA register statement: (serverB has the exact opposite statement)
egister => serverA:serverApassword at IP_of_serverB_nic/serverB
users.conf of serverA:          users.conf of serverB:
[serverB]               [serverA]
ype=friend             type=friend
romuser=serverB            fromuser=serverA
ecret=serverBpassword          secret=serverApassword
ost=dynamic                host=dynamic
tc.                    etc.
[serverA]               [serverB]
ype=user               type=user
ecret=serverApassword          secret=serverBpassword
ontext=serverA_incoming        context=serverB_incoming
ost=dynamic                host=dynamic
tc.                    etc.
serverA extensions.conf:
xten => _8X.,n,Dial(SIP/serverB/${EXTEN},20,r)
With this set up, when I dial from an extension such as 6000 on serverA to
n extension such as 8000 on serverB, instead of sending the callerid info
f 6000 it sends "serverB". I cannot seem to find a way around this.
nyone know of a way to send the 6000 callerid info? Somehow via sending a
ser-defined field via the dial statement?
f not via the dial, then a way to transfer via writing to the file system?
s there a way to use, in extensions.conf, some kind of info transferred
etween serverA and serverB such as the tag id so that I can specify a
ilename for them to write/read? I cannot seam to find something that each
erver sees which I can dynamically read in and use in extensions.conf.

Try uncommenting fromuser on both boxes.
Or did you set callerid in your users.conf when you write "etc."? If so, also uncomment it.


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