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Tue Aug 3 15:12:28 CDT 2010

AEL is very simple and the instructions on voip-info.org are enough to learn it. In fact I can't understand how can one write complex dial plans not using AEL, you simply can't do it using standard format used in extensions.conf.
As for the tutorials, there is no specific website for them as per my knowledge, but I can certainly try to write some basic ones on my blog to help those whom it might help. Many examples in my blogs are already in AEL, from real life scenarios.

Zeeshan A Zakaria

I'd love to see your real life examples as from what i found is that most of the information on voip-info seems to be outdated and new features/ applications are not documented or examples of how to use them and get all possible benefits out of it are missing.

Especially for beginners not working with Asterisk since version 1.0 or so it is really hard to get into it without having some complex dialplan examples to learn from.


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