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>AEL is very simple and the instructions on voip-info.org are enough to
learn it. In fact I can't understand how can one write complex dial plans
not using AEL, you simply >can't do it using standard format used in

>As for the tutorials, there is no specific website for them as per my
knowledge, but I can certainly try to write some basic ones on my blog to
help those whom it might >help. Many examples in my blogs are already in
AEL, from real life scenarios.

>Zeeshan A Zakaria



>I'd love to see your real life examples as from what i found is that most
of the information on voip-info seems to be >outdated and new features/
applications are not documented or examples of how to use them and get all
possible benefits >out of it are missing.

>Especially for beginners not working with Asterisk since version 1.0 or so
it is really hard to get into it without >having some complex dialplan
examples to learn from.



I've only been with Asterisk since 1.4.18; the "programmer" in me still
finds it simpler to do a 1000 line extensions.conf vs an 1800 line readable
AEL but the examples on www.ilovetovoip.com <http://www.ilovetovoip.com/>
are going to bring me around more quickly than the voip-info.org stuff. You
write some pretty good stuff, Z.

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