[asterisk-users] Garbled messages - format_wav_gsm.c:414 wav_read: Short read (60) (No such file or directory)!

Bobby Larson bobby at projek.to
Tue Aug 3 11:25:50 CDT 2010

I am having a problem with asterisk voice mail messages that seems to be
intermittent.  Though the problem occurs most of the time, on rare occasions
it will work fine - rare enough that I can't pin down what it is that works.

The problem is that voice mail message get played back garbled.
 Occasionally, I can make out moments of a voice or another sound that may
be in the actual message, though it's far too diluted with garbling and
chirps to detect any words or phrases.  When running asterisk -r, I will get
a message on the console after the system completes playback of the file:

format_wav_gsm.c:414 wav_read: Short read (60) (No such file or directory)!

I am running under a linux virtual server, and here is the output of "core
show version":

Asterisk SVN-trunk-r161350 built by root @ ast01 on a x86_64 running Linux
on 2008-12-05 17:31:32 UTC

I am attempting to listen to the messages from a SIP phone and a SIP
softphone, and it doesn't make any difference where I am or what I use.

Though this problem is an old one, it has gradually gotten much worse over
time.  Originally, I just thought it was the result of excessive network
traffic, but I'm starting to really think otherwise.

My current workaround is to manually copy over the wav files to a local
computer for listening.  This says to me that recording is working fine,
it's the playback that has problems.

Thanks for any help.

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