[asterisk-users] Large Asterisk installations (~10, 000 extensions), preferably at universities

Yehavi Bourvine yehavi.bourvine at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 22:55:40 CST 2008

I did a test yesterday and did 1,000 registrations to Asterisk using SIPP. I
did the register test since I am using the realtime DB and asterisk does
periodic quesries to it for each registered user. Although Asterisk
continued to function as usuall, it was in a steady loop querying the DB for
the 1,000 users.

OK, you convinced me to look at some front end to it. There are mainly three
front ends mentioed here: OpenSer, SipExpress and FreeSwitch. Is there some
comparison available which will save me from testing all three of them? Is
there one which is more used than the others? (so it has more public QA :-)

                         Thanks! __Yehavi:

2008/11/24 Steve Totaro <stotaro at totarotechnologies.com>

> Fronting with OpenSER or FS, you should have no problems providing you
> plan to use SIP extensions.
> What is critical are the max simultaneous trunks you are going to use.
> I would go TDM although universities have good bandwidth, and SUPERIOR
> bandwidth between others.
> I would think a TDM DS3 or two just to be safe.  It should be pretty
> trivial besides gotchas, like cat3 to the rooms, although channel
> banks may be an even better solution if phones are already in place.
> Then you just use SIP when needed or wanted, and Asterisk is simple,
> although more costly.
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> Thanks,
> Steve Totaro
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>  On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 6:24 PM, Wilton Helm <whelm at compuserve.com>
> wrote:
> > Yet another option is a commercial system with in-house staff.  I used to
> > maintain a NEC (NEAX 2400) for many years.  I went to factory training
> and
> > had total responsibility for it. Some manufacturers discourage or prevent
> > this, but others are open to it.  There are also 3rd party organizations
> > (such as Source) that can supply parts and even expertise for those going
> > that direction.  Whether the result would be higher availability than
> > Asterisk, I don't know.  Given I'm both a telco guy and a computer guru
> (CS
> > degree) I'd probably go the Asterisk route myself, because its open and I
> > would have more control.
> >
> > Wilton
> >
> >>and bug fixes than any commercial product sold in the intra-industrial
> >> channel
> >
> > ... and they won't charge you a $30,000 license fee for the upgrade.
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