[asterisk-users] Large Asterisk installations (~10, 000 extensions), preferably at universities

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Fri Nov 21 08:47:57 CST 2008

Alex Balashov wrote:
> Jason Aarons (US) wrote:
>> Just switching from Nortel to something else may not eliminate 
>> hardware/software failures, or prevent those without experience from 
>> pushing the enter key at the wrong time. 
> One also has to keep in mind - Asterisk, like any large open-source 
> project, gets a lot more QA, patches and bug fixes than any commercial 
> product sold in the intra-industrial channel (i.e. excluding consumer 
> mass-market stuff) ever will!  It has a massive installed base, many 
> users reporting bugs through an open and easy to understand process, and 
> a large community either directly or derivatively involved in 
> contributing fixes and testing code.
> How much installed base from which to harness that kind of large-scale 
> technical feedback does Nortel have?  Avaya?  Cisco?
> Asterisk has by far the best QA mechanism.  In terms of potential bugs 
> that impact "mission-critical" availability, I would feel better using 
> it than any of these black-box, proprietary vendor solutions any day.

Also, if there is a show-stopping bug, it can be addressed in a 
relatively expedient manner, especially if you are paying Digium for 

With the other guys, you're going to have to wait for Service Pack 8 
Patchlevel 4 Release 2 Build 3789 in 12-24 months.  It might have a fix. 

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