[asterisk-users] ISDN Cause codes

Robert Boardman robb at boardman.me.uk
Thu Nov 20 16:55:40 CST 2008

Hi All

Just been looking at stats for one of my sites, and I'm conserned about 
the number of error cause codes being returned from the telco

for example

12000 calls processed

131 are cause code 31* normal. unspecified.*

139 are cause code 28 * invalid number format (address incomplete).*

112 are cause code 1 *Unallocated (unassigned) number.

*this adds up to about 3% of calls not completing.

there are various other codes including 17 busy 34 channel unavaliable 
and 44 requested channel unavaliable, which add up to another 1%.*
the telco says there is no problem with the line, I'm trying to 
understand what the problem could be

now  alot of calls complete OK so I don't think is my configs

Any advice would be appriciated



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