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Valentin Bud valentin.bud at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 07:15:30 CST 2008

Hi Mario,

> Hi Valetin,
> Valentin Bud wrote:
>> Are the VoIP phone "mobile" on the internet or in fixed locations?
>> If they are in fixed locations and they have to go through internet to reach
>> the asterisk box, the way *i* would do it is with VPN tunnels. If they
>> are in the same
>> location (LAN) it is very simple, you just need the phones and an asterisk
>> box with a network card as you said. You configure the phones to register with
>> the asterisk and configure the dialplan and you are good to go.
> They are in the same network/lan. Can you recommend and hard phones for
> this task? Are there phones which can be used without asterisk in
> between them?

I'm new in this VoIP / Asterisk business and the only hard phones i
have used are
Linksys SPA 901, 921, 922. Stay away from 901, they only bring problems. The 921
are very good and they even have an LCD. The 922  is something like
921 but they know
PoE and the have a builtin switch so you can connect the phone to the
wall plug and from
the phone you connect the computer. The switch is 10/100.

 My wishlist for 922 would be: 1 Gig switch and the voice vlan that is
used on the cisco switches
so you can separate the voice traffic from the data traffic, all this
if you use the builtin switch.

 There might be some phones that can handle calls between them without
the need of a proxy
(asterisk) but honestly i do not know. I repeat i am new in this
business but into it :).

all the best and a great day,
> Thanks,
> Mario
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