[asterisk-users] P2P

ml at bortal.de ml at bortal.de
Wed Nov 19 07:00:25 CST 2008

Hi Valetin,

Valentin Bud wrote:
> Are the VoIP phone "mobile" on the internet or in fixed locations?
> If they are in fixed locations and they have to go through internet to reach
> the asterisk box, the way *i* would do it is with VPN tunnels. If they
> are in the same
> location (LAN) it is very simple, you just need the phones and an asterisk
> box with a network card as you said. You configure the phones to register with
> the asterisk and configure the dialplan and you are good to go.
They are in the same network/lan. Can you recommend and hard phones for 
this task? Are there phones which can be used without asterisk in 
between them?


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