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Wilton Helm whelm at compuserve.com
Sun Nov 9 19:01:35 CST 2008

>It's definitely possible to make wifi work for half a mile and you don't even need a >600mw transmitter to do that - however, wifi is all about receive strength, and so >you are unlikely to get a significantly better coverage with a high power hotspot >which is suboptimally placed.  If you do go that route then getting the antennas into a >location where 90% of the signal isn't already killed going through walls before it has >to travel some distance is the trick.  Probably also consider a repeater of some sort >rather than just one high power device

Good points.  I got an access point instead of a router specifically so I could locate it in the best position.  IMO Wi-Fi routers are dumb by definition because where you want a router is probably NOT anywhere close to the best point for the Wi-Fi part.  This unit has a particularly sensitive receiver to compliment the higher power.  It would have been nice it it had MIMO, too, as that always helps.  Repeaters would be a challenge in this case because most of the property is natural wooded (so no power or protection) and I'm trying to cover a road by only own property at one end.

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