[asterisk-users] Recommend Wireless IP Phone

Drew Gibson drew at oanda.com
Mon Nov 10 10:05:46 CST 2008

Wilton Helm wrote:
> Good points.  I got an access point instead of a router specifically 
> so I could locate it in the best position.  IMO Wi-Fi routers are dumb 
> by definition because where you want a router is probably NOT anywhere 
> close to the best point for the Wi-Fi part.  This unit has a 
> particularly sensitive receiver to compliment the higher power.  It 
> would have been nice it it had MIMO, too, as that always helps.  
> Repeaters would be a challenge in this case because most of the 
> property is natural wooded (so no power or protection) and I'm trying 
> to cover a road by only own property at one end.

"naturally wooded" does not bode well for WiFi. Trees are much better 
than walls at absorbing 2.4GHz signals due to their high water content. 
Mountains block 2.4GHz even better. If the woods are deciduous, it may 
work well in the winter but fade away come spring.

If the road is fairly straight, a directional antenna like a Yagi at one 
end might give you coverage there. As for the rest of your property, you 
will have to get an omni antenna up high, say one of your mountains.

You may be better off with something that uses lower frequencies. The 
old analogue cordless phones have much better range than 2.4GHz digital 



Drew Gibson

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