[asterisk-users] SPA-962 & Asterisk

David Gibbons dave at videon-central.com
Tue Nov 4 09:22:05 CST 2008

I've never used the Sipura phones but they probably sync with an NTP server.

My guess is that the NTP server is on the asterisk box (you can probably verify this by checking the config of the phones and finding the option for NTP server). It is possible that the NTP service isn't running on the asterisk box (after a reboot or a crash) or that the asterisk box's time is incorrect.

Do you know what distribution you are running on the server? You can type 'uname -a' at a command prompt and get an idea of the distro.

Also try '/etc/init.d/ntpd' start or 'service ntpd start' - these may be able to restart the NTP daemon for you and begin syncing the phones properly again.


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Good Day,

I have been tasked with fixing the time on our asterisk server.  I am having a hard time finding documentation to tell my what asterisk uses to get its time information to push to phones (or a better question, where does the SPA-962 get its time information)?

Basically, I can go under the settings of the phone and change the offset to set the correct hour, but it is still about 4 minutes fast.  So the SPA-962 has an offset option, but to offset it from what?  The time on the asterisk server?  That isn't right because my asterisk server has the correct time.  To offset from GMT?  No because I am +6 from GMT not +2.

I can physically set the time, but that is a bitch when you have many phones, shouldn't the phone be syncing with something?

Any thoughts?  I am not finding anything conclusive.

Steve Anness
ICT Support Analyst
Humanitarian International Services Group
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