[asterisk-users] Incoming Calls via SIP Trunks

Andreas M. asterisk at breitenlee.net
Sat Aug 30 02:05:40 CDT 2008

i have one question regarding incoming SIP INVITES.

I have a testbed where i have 5 extnsions : 6001 - 6005
Domain : domainA.com

Then i have configured a sip trunk, where my PBX registers to a foreign SIP Proxy.
All is working fine, until following scenario:

Incoming call from 6002 at foreignB.com (SRV exists,user also exists in pbx as extension, but different

When i try this, the pbx answers with an proxy-auth.

When i remove extension 6002, all is working again as aspected.

Question: does asterisk not verify the domainpart ? How are incoming INVITES processed ?!

I´m using the latest SVN Branch 1.4

Andreas M.

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