[asterisk-users] Snom phones, blinking lights and call pickup

Philipp Kempgen philipp.kempgen at amooma.de
Tue Nov 27 10:19:58 CST 2007

Stephan Seitz wrote:

> We have several Snom phones (320 and 360). Hints are configured in 
> extensions.conf (core show hints shows the correct values). My Snom phone 
> is registered to some numbers (validated by using sip show 
> subscriptions). I see the lights blinking if someone calls the subscribed 
> number and steady lights if the call is established.
> So far, so good. What I want now is that I can see the number of the 
> caller in my display and can pickup the call by pressing the blinking 
> lights. I can pickup the call using the pickup extension.
> IIRC there is some pickup magic with Snom firmware 7.x. But this doesn’t 
> solve my problem with the missing number in the display.

Asterisk is not able to do that. I once wrote a patch for
it (see bug 5014) which was not checked in.

However picking up the call by pressing the button can
be done with the Snom phones.

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