[asterisk-users] Snom phones, blinking lights and call pickup

Stephan Seitz nur-ab-sal at gmx.de
Tue Nov 27 10:05:04 CST 2007


I have the following questions/problems with * 1.4.
We have several Snom phones (320 and 360). Hints are configured in 
extensions.conf (core show hints shows the correct values). My Snom phone 
is registered to some numbers (validated by using sip show 
subscriptions). I see the lights blinking if someone calls the subscribed 
number and steady lights if the call is established.

So far, so good. What I want now is that I can see the number of the 
caller in my display and can pickup the call by pressing the blinking 
lights. I can pickup the call using the pickup extension.

IIRC there is some pickup magic with Snom firmware 7.x. But this doesn’t 
solve my problem with the missing number in the display.

A little example:
Person A calls Person B. I am subscribed to B’s number. My Snom light is 
blinking. Now I want to see the number and be able to pickup the call. If 
I can restrict this bevaviour with pickupgroups, this would be great.

When I used * 1.2, the example above would result in the displayed 
message „From B to B” in the phone which was quite useless (I don’t see 
who called), but by pressing the blinking light I could pickup the call.

This is a part of my sip.conf for a snom phone:
callerid=”Stephan Seitz” <404>
subscribecontext = sip
notifyringing = yes
dtmfmode = rfc2833

Any hints how to solve the problem are welcome.

Shade and sweet water!


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