[asterisk-users] Digium and Asterisk

Michael J. Liberatore mike240se at straightandnarrowinc.org
Sat Nov 24 19:42:26 CST 2007

Can you elaborate on OSLEC?  I cant say I have heard of it but it sounds
very interesting considering it worked for x100p for you which was the
worst out of ALL the cards I have ever tried for echo.



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Michael J. Liberatore wrote:
> There are many reasons to buy digium cards, mainly digiums owner 
> creating asterisk and all.  so when i asked myself your question when 
> starting with * i bought them.  well, i myself have had bad luck with 
> their products,2 failed out of warranty, and the others have bad echo 
> and random weird problems.
> i myself switched to sangoma and have had much better success.  they 
> are even more than digium cards but work great.  oh and dont even 
> waste your time and money, get echo cancellation on any fxo cards, its

> the only way to make sure you get good sound quality.
> -mike

I just want to add - for the poor amongst us, that if you use the OSLEC
echo canceller with cheap x100p and (from what others have said) other
analogue cards, you get excellent echo cancellation.

On my cheap card, echo was terrible with the standard EC in the zaptel
package. Using OSLEC instead, the echo disappeared. Completely.


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