[asterisk-users] Asterisk+HylaFAX+SpanDSP+IAXmodem tutorial.

Michael J. Liberatore mike240se at straightandnarrowinc.org
Fri Nov 23 20:38:58 CST 2007

Alex, I thought asterisk 1.4 supports faxing internally now without the
need for extra software?  Is your solution a different one?  I have no
experience with faxing yet but plan to soon, that's why I ask and will
read your blog entry.



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I made a little write-up that attempts to synthesise a lot of the
information out there about how to get HylaFAX working with Asterisk by
way of IAXmodem for inbound faxing:


Of course, there are bound to be some things I've left out or are
grossly in need of correction.  So, before I link it off the voip-wiki I
am extremely eager to solicit the input of the community.

If you get a chance and take a look, I would appreciate it.


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