[asterisk-users] ACD functionality , Skills for agents

Jan-Hendrik Palic jpalic at tng.de
Thu Nov 22 04:16:18 CST 2007


Örn Arnarson schrieb:
> I have often wondered the same thing.
> It seems to me to be random, or it works it out some way I am not
> familiar with. I have seen calls with wait time of 30 seconds get
> answered before calls with 30 minutes wait time from queues with equal
> weight.

I can confirm it with asterisk 1.4.11 on debian/lenny. We tested it like

- two queues with the same weight are configures
- 2 agents are logged in both queues with strategy "last recent"
- 5 test callers are in the queue
- 1st caller gets an agent, the phone is ringing and we let time it out
- the callers after him in the queue get agent but the first caller

But, as said, it happens randomly and is not easy to reproduce.

But we do not have any solutions for that beside to use only one queue.

Best Regards.


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