[asterisk-users] Music on Hold -- Error

Ryan M. Colbert Ryan.Colbert at rissman.com
Thu Nov 15 12:32:01 CST 2007

We use Asterisk 1.4.7 on CentOS with Bandwidth.com as our provider and Polycom 330's for endpoints.  When one of our end points places a call on hold we get the following in CLI.  There is no music on hold provided for the caller.  The SIP.CONF entry for our connection to bandwithd.com specifies disallow=all and allow=ulaw.  Should there be a similar setting on the user.conf entries?

An interesting note is the IP noted in the CLI message below is neither Bandwidth.com nor the end point.

Thanks for any help!!

CLI Message:
[Nov 15 13:21:38] WARNING[11327]: channel.c:2964 set_format: Unable to find a codec translation path from ulaw to unknown
[Nov 15 13:21:38] WARNING[11327]: res_musiconhold.c:702 moh_alloc: Unable to set channel 'SIP/' to format 'unknown'

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