[asterisk-users] sangoma zaptel patches

Andres andres at telesip.net
Tue Nov 13 17:14:25 CST 2007

>>>>>>Sangoma's s setup process includes a small patch to Zaptel. I have some
>>>>>>technical reservations with that patch. It seems that under certain
>>>>>>circumstances it may cause unexpected behavior when used with other
>>>>>>Zaptel channel drivers. I also don't understand why a safer method is
>>>>>>not use
The only beef I have about Sangoma drivers is that on one ocassion, an 
upgrade to one of the 'stable' releases caused a reproducible kernel 
panic.  It was so bad the box would panic in mid-boot.  If this was a 
remote upgrade I would have been in big trouble.  Luckily I was on-site 
and Sangoma support was quick and provided a fix within 24 hours.  But 
something like this has never happened with any Digium cards I have 
worked with.  This incident has caused me to have second thoughts about 
installing Sangoma cards at datacenters and remote locations.

Technical Support

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