[asterisk-users] ztdummy, zttest

Tony Plack Tony at plack.net
Fri Nov 9 14:29:31 CST 2007

Try setting acpi=off in your boot options for the kernel.

> Hello,
> Today we setted up a server that needs to use MeetMe but doesn't
> have any Zap hardware. So we need to use ztdummy (at least, this
> was our idea).
> Rarely: zttest is not working at all (100% bad, using zttest -v
> doesn't give anything, etc.). Of course, after load ztdummy, there
> isn't any background or anything.
> It is the same kernel (Debian Etch default kernel, 2.6.18) than
> other machine that is working. CPU is a HP, Pentium 4 (same than
> other machine), even I loaded the same bristuff than that machine
> (who doesn't have any specific hardware, now). I couln't make
> zttest (well, ztdummy) to run.
> I tried different versions of bristuff+asterisk, I also tried to
> load and not load zaptel, qozap. Nothing. I got an rtc "Warning"
> message, something like "some interruptions has been lost at
> 1024Hz" (aprox.).
> Any clue where to check? USB modules are the same than other
> machine...
> We was completely confused about it (how to fix, I mean).
> Thanks!

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