[asterisk-users] What do you do to keep asterisk alive?

Andrea Spadaccini a.spadaccini at mediatechnologies.it
Wed Nov 7 06:30:07 CST 2007

Ciao Per,

> > IMHO it's better to build a FSM (Finite State Machine) that handles
> > the Asterisk process and other collateral processes (like the MAPI
> > proxy) and let it monitor the process.
> > 
> > Moreover, you should make this FSM sensible to UNIX signals in order
> > to start, stop, restart Asterisk easily if you want.
> that's exactly the kind of elaborate scheme I was hoping to avoid.  

Sorry, I guess that the correct solution depends on your needs :)

I needed that scheme, I built it and I'm happy with that.

Have a nice day,

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