[asterisk-users] SLA Appearance between 2 Cisco 7960's (SIP)

Brad Sumrall Brads at ftnco.com
Wed Apr 25 18:59:17 MST 2007

I am very confident the 7960G has a sip load. I know for sure the regular
7960 does and the G just means gigabit interface. The 7970 was the only one
that didn't because of all the color interface/touch screen, and Cisco was
still pushing call manager big time, so skinny was the only load available.
If you log into cisco.com, they have it under software.

Sometimes people post it on the internet.

Asterisk is supposed to be more skinny friendly these days.

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>From reading the SLA docs, SIP hints are use to get the lights on the
phone to show the "correct state".  I was under the impression that the
SIP firmware on the 7960's didn't support the SIP hints properly (or at
all), which means that SLA won't work properly on a 7960.

If anyone has gotten this to work, I'd like to hear about it.


John C. Wolosuk Jr. wrote:
> Has anyone had any success with getting SLA going between 2 SIP phones?
> (Particularly a set of Cisco 79xx's) The SLA document that comes with
> the asterisk source is about as clear as mud.
> Does anyone have a working sip.conf, sla.conf, and extensions.conf that
> I can use for reference?
> The part I'm most confused about is how to build the lines in sip.conf
> and how the phones should behave. It seems apparent that the phones
> should not register with asterisk, otherwise all the phones will try to
> register to be THE phone for a given extension. should these lines be
> built like a trunk/peer? if I could be an example of how lines for SLA
> should look in sip.conf, that would be helpful.
> Also I'm somewhat annoyed that I have to compile zaptel drivers that I
> don't use in order to compile the app_meetme.so module so I can have the
> SLA functions available to the dialplan...
> Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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