[asterisk-users] SLA Appearance between 2 Cisco 7960's (SIP)

Jason Howk jason.howk at subaquatic.net
Wed Apr 25 16:32:19 MST 2007

>From reading the SLA docs, SIP hints are use to get the lights on the
phone to show the "correct state".  I was under the impression that the
SIP firmware on the 7960's didn't support the SIP hints properly (or at
all), which means that SLA won't work properly on a 7960.

If anyone has gotten this to work, I'd like to hear about it.


John C. Wolosuk Jr. wrote:
> Has anyone had any success with getting SLA going between 2 SIP phones?
> (Particularly a set of Cisco 79xx's) The SLA document that comes with
> the asterisk source is about as clear as mud.
> Does anyone have a working sip.conf, sla.conf, and extensions.conf that
> I can use for reference?
> The part I'm most confused about is how to build the lines in sip.conf
> and how the phones should behave. It seems apparent that the phones
> should not register with asterisk, otherwise all the phones will try to
> register to be THE phone for a given extension. should these lines be
> built like a trunk/peer? if I could be an example of how lines for SLA
> should look in sip.conf, that would be helpful.
> Also I'm somewhat annoyed that I have to compile zaptel drivers that I
> don't use in order to compile the app_meetme.so module so I can have the
> SLA functions available to the dialplan...
> Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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