[asterisk-users] call dispatching - legacy application

Brad Sumrall Brads at ftnco.com
Wed Apr 25 18:20:50 MST 2007

Then you take the number you get from your database and put it into the
asterisk spooler. 
Remember, the temp file you create has to be moved to the spooler using the
mv command. Nothing else works.

There might be one other step, I am not sure with Asterisk 1.4. I had a
friend help me do it before and he said he had to write a little piece of
python code to make it work properly (we were making asterisk call phone
automatically). I am not sure if you will need this or not.

I know the process because I had it done for me before. I am at the
beginning trying to do the same thing, though my php is rusty.

Maybe you can hook a brother up with the proper code to "grab caller id and
query mysql?

To answer your question, Yes, you are on the right track!

brads at ftnco.com

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Hy all

need to preprocess
1) incoming call get caller id lookup some info in my db,
2) based on the result dispatch the call to the right operator

step 1 is ok I developped a small .php script that connect manager and
parse events, now I have to tell AAH do dispatch call to the right

1) is this the right practice ?
2) where to find a complete manager api reference, (to buy too)

note that
there is a legacy application that query the db actually php script
send the request to this app and wait for response

I'm a programmer at very first installation of AAH , just testing

thanks in advance for any help and suggestion.
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