[asterisk-users] Softphone that supports central provisioning?

Tim Panton tim at mexuar.com
Sat Apr 21 00:15:20 MST 2007

On 21 Apr 2007, at 03:21, Philipp Kempgen wrote:

> Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
>> On Fri, Apr 20, 2007 at 11:48:20AM -0400, James FitzGibbon wrote:
>>> Has anyone found a softphone that supports pulling it's  
>>> configuration from a
>>> central server via TFTP/FTP/HTTP, much like hard desk phones use?
>> Why would you want to do that?
> Because you could provision softphones the way you provision hard
> phones. Dynamic configuration through HTTP or even SIP messages.
> That would really be great.
> I think it's a valid question and I've been searching for such
> softphones as myself. They should be usable (so most of them fail)
> and should work on a real OS (tm). And no Java please :)

What's your objection to a softphone in java ?

Tim Panton


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