[asterisk-users] Audio playback problems with FC6 and Zaptel 1.2.16

Chris Miller asterguy at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 18 14:21:51 MST 2007

I'm chasing down some issues at a call center. Today I received a complaint that audio file playback
ceased after they upgraded the system from FC4 to FC6, Asterisk 1.2.14 to 1.2.17. Zaptel is at
1.2.16. The system in question takes inbound calls via IAX2 and has a TE410P with a couple of
channel banks connected to it for analog extensions.

I ultimately found that the problem goes away if I load ztdummy alone or prior to wct4xxp. I realize
ztdummy should not be used when there's real hardware available, but it appears to solve/mask the
problem at least for troubleshooting. No errors or clues in the logs, dmesg, etc. I even tried
transcoding the gsm audio files in ulaw with no luck. As an aside, I noticed that zttranscode loads
itself when Asterisk is started.

I haven't found anything in Mantis, Google, etc. Before I file a bug report, I wanted to see if
anyone else has seen this weirdness.

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