[asterisk-users] Feedback on Linksys SPA-921 and GrandStreamGXP-2000

Nigel Kendrick support-lists at petdoctors.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 07:56:46 MST 2007

Feedback on the GXP2000 - we have around 10 of them:

1) Great if the firmware's recent (but not too recent - see GS info over at
2) Good caller ID 
3) Speakerphone OK
4) Good features - Asterisk friendly and they support paging/announcements
5) BLF works fairly well but has the occasional hiccup
6) Power plug/sockets are a loose fit and moving a phone will often 'glitch'
it so it reboots - this is the biggest PITA we have found - go with PoE
where possible
7) LCD backlight LEDs (white) fade within a month or so if they are left on
permanently, which can make the display hard to read in some conditions.
Aiming to take a look at how easy these are to replace.
8) We have 4 phones connected back to base via 512K ADSL and NAT/STUN works
well, plus the phones do not tend to disconnect randomly and fail to
re-register (like our test Safecom phones)

Overall, the GXP-2000 seems to be good for the money. It's our phone of
choice for the spec/price.

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