[asterisk-users] Feedback on Linksys SPA-921 and GrandStream GXP-2000

Gordon Henderson gordon+asterisk at drogon.net
Wed Apr 18 04:50:55 MST 2007

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Rob Hillis wrote:

> While I can't speak for the Linksys SPA-921, I /can/ comment on the 
> Grandstream GXP-2000.
> We're running half a dozen of these at the moment, primarily for testing.  I 
> can confirm that the LCD display /does/ display both caller name and number - 
> assuming of course that both are presented.
> We've had the very occasional problem with the phone locking up, but nothing 
> overly serious.  I'm fairly happy with voice quality (using both aLaw and 
> GSM) and the BLF indicators work quite nicely.

I've deployed a fair number of GXP2000's over the past few months and 
generally found them to perform very well.

However, search back in the archives and you'll find a lot of negavtive 

Make sure they're flashed to the latest versions.

Sound quality has been good for me, setup via their web interface is also 
easy - they can provision via TFTP but if you only have a small number to 
provision it's just as easy to use the web interface. There is a 3rd party 
PERL program which I'm now using to help me provision them a little 
quicker than going via the web interface. (it drive sthe web interface 
directly for you!)

The display does show caller name & number - if the sending system sends 
it. The handset is heavy enough and the buttons easy to use.

It is "cheap & cheerful" but after flashing some of the early ones I've 
had with the latest firmware, I've not really had a problem. You put them 
on the desk (or wall!), give a few minutes training to the puntes using 
them (how to transfer calles, etc) and generally that's it.

I've jsut worked out how to put a custom logo on the phone display too.

I'd avoid the BT100/200 in anything other than a demo situation though, or 
where the client really is strapped for cash... (although I've only ever 
used the 100's and they're OK, but caller ID numbers only.


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