[asterisk-users] No Incoming Ring Tone (Even with "r" option)

Brian Rogan brogan at syderial.com
Tue Apr 17 20:37:14 MST 2007


I am using an incoming iax provider to bring calls to my server.  When
an incoming call comes in, the calling party does not hear a ring
tone.  I figured that this was no big deal, and that I just needed to
enable the "r" flag to dial.  This has not fixed the situation though.
 Just to try to make sure the line was being picked up properly, I
tried the following:

exten => number,1,Answer
exten => number,n,Background(vm-goodbye)
exten => number,n,Dial(SIP/bdesktop,60,tr)
exten => number,n,Hangup

In this case, the caller hears the vm-goodbye message, and then
silence (while the phone actually does ring).

Does anyone know why the "r" option might not be working?  The
incoming channel is iax, and obviously the phone terminating the call
is Sip.



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