[asterisk-users] Re: [Asterisk-java-users] asterisk-java.org up again with bonus article on Local/ channels

Stefan Reuter stefan.reuter at reucon.com
Tue Apr 17 17:57:18 MST 2007

robert home wrote:
> does any one know what happened to www.asterisk-java.org
> or when it'll be back

We had problems with the IN NS records at PSI. The problem is fixed now
though it might still take a few hours for the changes to propagate.

I am sorry for any inconvinience this outage may have caused and have
provided a bonus article on Local/ channels to say sorry.
The article include a nice diagram on how using Local channels and
Originate relates to the events you see on the Manager API.


P.S. If you still encounter problems please contact me off-list and I'll
have a look if I still missed anything.

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